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Recording Lonesome Road

Photographs Captured By
Dylan Estes

Eli Perron Welcome to 1979 EDIT_13.jpg
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Eli Perron Welcome to 1979 EDIT_8.jpg
Eli Perron Welcome to 1979 EDIT_4.jpg
Eli Perron Welcome to 1979 EDIT_9.jpg
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Album Credits


Guitar, Vocals              Eli Perron
Bass                             Danny Anderson
Drums                          Aaron Buckingham
Harmonica                   Lance Highers
Saxophone                  Jacob Markus
Piano & Organ             Nathan Aronowitz

Recording Engineer    Jeremy Bernstein
Assistant Engineer     Liv Painter
Assistant Engineer     Grace Gaddy


Post Production

Mixing Engineer            Jeremy Bernstein
Mastering Engineer      Margaret Luthar


All Original Compositions Written by
Eli Perron &New Suede

Recorded to Tape at Welcome To 1979 Studios in
Nashville Tennessee

Lonesome Road - 9 Song album 
Basic Tracks Rec. - 6/5/21 
Overdubs Rec. -       6/6/21


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