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New Suede Tracks Debut Album Lonesome Road

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

June 5th and 6th 2021

Nashville, TN


Elijah Perron - Guitar, Vocals

Danny Anderson - Bass

Aaron "Bucky" Anderson - Drums, Percussion

Nathan Aronowitz - Keys

Lance Highers - Harmonica

Jacob Markus - Saxophone

Jeremy Bernstein - Head engineer, Mixing

Olivia Painter - Assistant engineer

Grace Gaddy - Assistant engineer

New Suede spent two hot June days this past year live tracking their first album to tape. The first day of tracking the band laid down all of the basic tracks for the entire 9 song record (guitar, drums and bass). The second day Perron began on his own laying down all of the vocals and guitar leads/solos. With little time to spare, overdubs on the were record were almost all first or second takes. The sessions ended with blues harp, saxophone, and keys tracking the final parts to be included on Lonesome Road!

Anticipated release is January 2022.

- NS

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